Bridging the digital divide with up to 100 Mbps speeds, powered by the cutting-edge MEASAT-3d satellite


Championing Broadband Nationwide

CONNECTme NOW is a community enabler that serves places where geographical landscape presents challenges to roll-out terrestrial communication infrastructure.


CONNECTme NOW is a high-speed WiFi Hotspot service leveraging on MEASAT innovative satellite broadband system. It is best suited for public use in underserved or unserved areas in Malaysia. CONNECTme NOW users can access the Internet by purchasing Prepaid Access Codes (PAC) from Authorized Agents within their local communities.

The PAC is priced cost-effectively in small packages to meet user needs and affordability without long contracts or high upfront fees.

Powering A Nation, Empowering Communities

Research has shown that increasing broadband penetration by 0.1% can indirectly increase Gross Domestic Product by 1.4% (developed countries) / 0.5% (developing countries) because it can enable more participation in the internet-based economy.

CONNECTme NOW makes modern connectivity accessible and affordable at areas without 3G/4G Mobile Coverage or Fiber Coverage.

Sustainable Connectivity For Everyone

We provide broadband communication within days. Our station base is nimble and could be powered by solar energy and rechargeable batteries as a backup for 24/7 performance.

Staying Connected Is Your Lifeline

Living remotely doesn’t mean you have to forgo connectivity. CONNECTme NOW solution is designed to enable seamless business, online distance learning, healthcare and communications connectivity that enables better standards of living.


100% Coverage

with speeds up to
100 Mbps satellite-based with easy setup

Flexible Usage

NO service contract,
NO fixed monthly fee,
NO installation charge &
Prepaid model (pay as you use)

Rapid Deployment

Internet communication for rural communities enabled within a few days



No 3G/4G Mobile Coverage or Fiber Coverage?
No worries, just CONNECT with us via our website or Distributors


Our Distributors will qualify the sites to deploy and enable CONNECTme NOW


Upon installation, CONNECT your smartphone / notebook to the WiFi Hotspot and use PAC login to enjoy high-speed Internet access


Require more data?
Purchase PAC from our nearest Distributors or Authorized Agents

“It is a blessing to all villagers of Ba’kelalan to be connected to broadband and to enjoy fast speed WiFi."

Rining Mutang
Owner I Apple Lodge I Ba’Kelalan, Sarawak

“With CONNECTme NOW, it is more convenient for staff and tourist at Langkayan to communicate & connect with families out of the resort. Also faster connection than existing infra makes it easier to update our headquarters in Sandakan.”

Eric Tsen
IT Executive I Langkayan Island Dive Resort, Sabah

“Satellite Broadband has helped me send my progress report faster to the headquarters and makes work life balance convenient.”

Edwin Alberto
Chief Enforcement I Sugud Islands Marine Conservation Area I Pulau Tegaipil, Sabah

“We were relying on 2G at Pulau Billean which is slow to connect. With CONNECTme NOW, connection will be faster to resolve issues at the marine research centre.”

Mohd Ajai
Enforcement Crew I Sugud Islands Marine Research Centre I Pulau Billean, Sabah

“Previously, we had to travel at least 85 km to Gerik for internet connection. With CONNECTme NOW, over 900 families can benefit from this affordable fast speed WiFi in RPS Kemar, from school children for their online lessons to entrepreneurs to market their handy craft businesses online.”

Rasman Regin
Manager I Kampung Orang Asli RPS Kemar, Perak

“The availability of the prepaid satellite broadband voucher enables me to reach my family in Philippines as often as I want to.”

Kitchen Staff I Langkayan Island Dive Resort, Sabah

“Connectivity is key at remote areas like this & with CONNECTme NOW and it’s user friendly landing page, makes it easier to connect back home and ensure work gets sorted on a daily basis.”

Guest from Belgium I Tunamaya Beach and Spa Resort I Tioman, Pahang

“I wish we had this installation at the start of MCO. Now I am able to reply emails and connect back home easier.”

Guest from Spain I Tunamaya Beach and Spa Resort I Tioman, Pahang

“I am impress with the speed and I and glad that CONNECTme NOW will reduce complains from our guests as they are Now able to access the internet at the comfort of their rooms.”

Manager I Tunamaya Beach and Spa Resort I Tioman, Pahang

“We are happy when guests are happy. With CONNECTme NOW, guests can just purchase PAC at their convenience and surf the internet.”

Receptionist I The Barat Tioman Beach Resort I Tioman Island, Pahang

"With CONNECTme NOW, we are able to connect with family and friends easily. Also, helps us tremendously in getting aid for medical emergencies. Our kids too can study smarter and help our village."

Villager I Kampung Orang Asli, Cherong Pos Sinderut I Raub, Pahang

"Everyone in Tanah Aina are thrilled with CONNECTme NOW. Previously, we only had intermittent 2G signal line. Now we can enjoy nature at its’ best without sacrificing civilization."

Prem Tamang
Front Desk Manager I Tanah Aina Farrah Soraya Resort I Raub, Pahang

"CONNECTme NOW at the plantation not only allows us to surf the internet to obtain the latest news and information; it also enable us to always stay connected with our family and friends."

Selvia Dina
Plantation Clerk I Kenaban Estate I Kapit, Sarawak

"No more hassle searching for coverage up the hill accompanied by mosquitoes. I’m now able to run my online business at the comfort of my home with CONNECTme NOW."

Elisiah Dumpangol
Online Business Entrepreneur I Kota Belud, Sabah

"CONNECTme NOW provides my friends and I an alternative platform to attend classes and submit our assignments online. We are also able to stay in touch with each other and enjoy entertainment as well during MCO/CMCO."

Denny Rizky Adrian
Student I Tongod, Sabah

"It feels good to know that there’s CONNECTme NOW which I can rely on for connectivity. CONNECTme NOW has the potential to grow and making it affordable for everyone to enjoy INTERNET."

Davies Austin Spiji
Marine Biologist I Sandakan, Sabah

"Staying true to Broadband for All, with CONNECTme NOW we no longer have to search for mobile coverage ½ km away from my home to enjoy internet for my online business or for the kids online classes. Thanks too to CONNECTme NOW, I’m also able to stay connected with my 9 siblings who all stays far apart from each other."

Samuel Yamorong
Online Business Entrepreneur I Keningau, Sabah

"CONNECTme NOW is closing the gap of digital divide for us. Now, it’s much easier to submit official work reports and gather teaching materials for school. I’m also able to pursue online course for personal development and staying connected with family and friends."

Ripka Rejun
Community Educator I Bintulu, Sarawak

"CONNECTme NOW enables us to access to the digital world. With this, we are able to create more positive change for our lives such as online business opportunities."

Jairon Sintar
Online Business Entrepreneur I Kota Belud, Sabah

"We are very happy to have CONNECTme NOW service at the plantation as it not only improves the efficiency of our daily tasks at work. True to their tagline, we are also able to “Get CONNECTed. Stay CONNECTed” with our friends and family."

Chan Chee Yuan
Assistant Manager I Segamat Estate, Johor

"Night online classes is no longer an issue. With CONNECTme NOW service in Kampung Bukit Petai Tujuh, we are able to complete our assignments much faster. We are also updated with latest news by staying CONNECTed via our social media accounts."

Muhammad Amein Khalielee Mohd Azmi
Student I Kampung Bukit Petai Tujuh I Tanah Merah, Kelantan

"No more “tent classroom” for me. With CONNECTme NOW, getting connected is convenient, fast with its high-speed connection and my dad no longer need to accompany me under the tent worrying about my safety. We can also stay connected with family and friends at comfort of our homes."

Norlieda Khalida Mohd Azmi
Student I Kampung Bukit Petai Tujuh I Tanah Merah, Kelantan

"We were facing many communication difficulties as there was no 2G nor internet access. Travelling to the nearest Tapah town, 25KM is definitely not convenient as well. CONNECTme NOW have really made a difference as we are able to stay connected with family and friends, submit online work reports conveniently and most of all, our community are included in the digital economy of business."

Mariana Bah Ali
CONNECTme NOW user I Jalan Pahang I Tapah, Perak

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