MEASAT Partners Mudah Healthtech to Bring Digital Healthcare Benefits to Up to 1 Million Rural Residents

03 Jun 2024 03:25 PM

MEASAT and Mudah MOU (Left) Yau Chyong Lim ,COO, MEASAT; (Middle) YB Datuk Flovia Ng, Assistant Minister of Community Development and People‘s Wellbeing for Sabah; (Right) Dato’ Dr Kantha Rasalingam, CEO, Mudah HealthTech

Kuala Lumpur, 16 May 2024 – MEASAT Global Berhad (“MEASAT”) – Malaysia’s Rural Broadband Service Provider has teamed up with healthcare technology company Mudah Healthtech Sdn Bhd (“Mudah Healthtech”) to offer the Sihat Xpress telehealth service in remote communities enabled by the CONNECTme NOW satellite broadband service. Read more here:


No location is too remote for us to bring satellite broadband connectivity in Malaysia. Our technology is highly adaptable as it connects with any internet source and works off-grid, solar-powered, and under rough conditions.

Get in touch with us today to know more about CONNECTme NOW - Malaysia's First Prepaid WiFi, Satellite Broadband Service.

Source: POS RPS Kemar, Perak.

CONNECTme NOW Installation

Here is a glimpse of how CONNECTme NOW installation is done and connection over satellite broadband made possible within a day.

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Source: POS RPS Kemar, Perak

CONNECTme NOW, Tiada Lagi Sempadan Di Antara Kita

Dengan CONNECTme NOW, kualiti hidup ditingkatkan
Akses Internet berkelajuan tinggi meskipun di lokasi terpencil di Malaysia
Dunia lebih bermakna jika dihubungkan dengan CONNECTme NOW